Cullberg søker en person som har omfattende yrkeserfaring som danser og som helst også har erfaring som prøveleder eller med å jobbe med en gruppe dansere. Oppstart 25. mai. Søknadsfrist er 1. mars.

About the job
Cullberg is now hiring a rehearsal director rooted in the contemporary dance field. Cullberg works with a team of 2 rehearsal directors of which one position has become vacant. As a rehearsal director one has the artistic responsibility for the production second to the choreographer. You lead and organize the rehearsals, both in our studios in Hallunda/Stockholm and on tour, with the aim of maintaining the choreographer’s original intentions. As a rehearsal director you have an artistic responsibility for Cullberg’s productions and a delegated artistic responsibility from the choreographer.

The company strives to work with dancers possessing strong contemporary technique, who are creative in developing and proposing movement material and who are versatile in various styles with an ability to work within different contexts. Integral to our artistic vision is combining and blending the effects of visual, emotional and technical styles. With respect to this, we are seeking to assemble a company and a supporting staff that is diverse in terms of age, gender, skin colour, geographical background and sexual orientation.

Important for the role
We are looking for someone who has extensive professional experience as a dancer, preferably also experienced in directing rehearsals or working with groups of dancers. You have a deep and updated knowledge in contemporary dance. You also have a firm ability to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing.

The rehearsal director has an important role in capturing the choreographers’ intentions within the choreography to maintain the artistic level of the choreography during rehearsals in Hallunda and away on tour. You will mostly be working with the choreographies by Deborah Hay, so knowledge of her works would be desirable. You coach the dancers in achieving the artistic quality required. You plan and organize the daily rehearsals in Hallunda and on tour. You lead workshops connected to the performances on tour.

You have good communicative abilities, expressing yourself well and have a flexible communication style. You have the ability to come up with new rehearsing methods, approaches, ideas as well as ways to realize them. You are good at developing professional relationships, pay attention to the views and skills of others and give them space in the group in a way that benefits the whole.

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