Søkere med bakgrunn i forskjellige typer og former for dansepraksis, kunstnerisk fremføring og/eller samtidssirkus vil bli prioritert. Søknadsfrist er 15. mars.

Applicants must hold a PhD-degree with relevance for dance practices. Applicants with an interest in, and documented experience from any or all of the following will be prioritized:

• A background in different kinds and forms of dance practice, artistic performance and/or contemporary circus.
• Critical social and cultural approaches towards dance, performance and related modes of practice.
• A background in handling interdisciplinary challenges of using practice-based research for phenomenological informed analyses.   
• Dance practices – and embodied and extended cognition
• Documented experience from publishing in international journals
• A strong record of teaching and mentoring in the field of dance or a related form of movement practices

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