Foto: Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker

Eisa Jocson (Filippinene) Macho Dancer

Macho dancing is a unique phenomenon in the Philippines, a dance performed by young men in nightclubs. Through its specific movements and physicality, the macho dancer simulates a strong male, but is in reality relegated to a marginal and weak position in society. In this solo, a woman performs the macho dance. By doing so, she challenges our perception of sexuality and questions gender as a tool for social mobility. The woman assimilates the role of the strong male, which appears to up her social status. In reality, she engages in a practice that makes her vulnerable and weak, and that maintains her status as an objectified woman. The performance thus generates a “gender loop” in which the performer and audience are entangled.

Eisa Jocson, Konsept, Koreograf, Utøver
Lina Lapelyte, Komponist
Jan Maertens, Lysdesign
Rasa Alksnyte, Kunstnerisk veileder
Arco Renz, Dramaturg

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