Foto: Morten Berentsen

Flexer & Sandiland (England) dybwikdans Curiouser

Follow two performers as they lead you on a journey deep down into subterranean caves, through leafy forests and high up into the starry night sky. Adults become little and children become great in this interactive imaginary world of ever changing proportions.

Incorporating animated hand-drawn projection, dance, sound, text and interactive digital objects Curiouser immerses and surrounds the audience to create an intimate yet spectacular experience. A show that invites you to be curious about what it might mean to view the world from a different perspective, Curiouser is a unique collaboration between UK based Flexer & Sandiland and Norwegian company Dybwikdans.

Age Recommendation: 4+

Siri Dybwik, Koreograf, Kostymedesign
Yael Flexer, Koreograf
Nic Sandiland, Digital kunstner
Gerd Elin Aase, Utøver
Luke Birch, Utøver
Aya Kobayashi, Utøver
Nils Christian Fossdal, Komponist, Dramaturg
Ingrid Hu, Scenografi, Kostymedesign
Natalie Rowland, Lysdesign
Per Dybvig, Animatør
Lou Rogers, Produsent

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Billde: Per Dybvig